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Blue Butterfly

Blue Butterfly - Women's Ficton

Women's Fiction

"Highly Recommended:- 

Michelle Monkou, USA Today!










Blue Butterfly provides an entrancing look into the life of the character dubbed “Precious Blue Johnson” - a young woman struggling to become the first black ballerina. Each page captures the heart of love, the hurt of betrayal, and shows that there is strength in forgiveness. A poignant and riveting fictional story inspired by some of the greatest black ballerinas to have ever graced the ballet stage.




NY Books Examiner

"Blue Butterfly' is a heart-warming novel filled with romance, secrets, betrayal, and forgiveness, written in Marian L. Thomas's unique style."-Jo, NY Books Examiner


Misty Copeland - Blue Butterfly by Marian L. Thomas. *Photo Credit: EDC-Creations


"Why you should read it: From the first page, Marian L. Thomas grabs your wrist to have a seat and listen to a story. Blue Butterfly has a wonderful quality within its prose that enables you to hear the words, the dialogue, the ballet movement and music powerfully told in the story. A literary style that reminds me of Sue Monk Kidd's.... Definite book club recommend." ~ Michelle Monkou, USA TODAY

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